What kind of rum lover are you?

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Ready to know what is your style of rum?

Maybe you have been or you will be, one day, in this tricky situation: going to a bar and seeing a menu with a long list of rums… Then the barman coming and asking you: “what would you like to drink?”…. uuuuummmmmmm…

Answer this quick quiz and next time you will be prepared for this situation!

At the end of the 6 questions, you will get to know if you are more a Rhum agricole, an english rum or a Ron person, and I will give you the cocktail recipe for tonight, according to your taste!

Let us know below what kind of rum lover you are!

1.What fruit do you prefer?
2.Would you rather spend a night dancing on…
3.If you were an animal, would you be…
4.Would you rather buy a candle with aromas based on…
5.What cocktail do you prefer?
6.If right now, you can board on a plane, where will you go?

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